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Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston


Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston JewishMosaic Outdoor Club of Houston was founded in February 1997.

Mosaic Outdoor Clubs of America are a nationwide network of non-profit, all volunteer, Jewish outdoor clubs, designed to bring together Jewish people to enjoy the outdoors.

If you enjoy hiking, biking, camping, canoeing, kayaking, rollerblading, sailing, volleyball, Frisbee, ice skating, horseback riding, picnics in the park, rock climbing, snow skiing, softball, street skating, tennis, water skiing, and more !,  Come get involved today! If you have never tried these types of activities, but enjoy like activities and would like the opportunity to participate, please come join us.

Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston JewishWe have chapters in over 23 cities that are all volunteer and the fastest growing organization of its kind and we need your assistance. Please attend and volunteer your efforts to this much-needed endeavor. Leading a club is fun and rewarding, and you will be guaranteed to meet lots of Jewish people who want to start enjoying nature and our environment to the fullest.!

We seek to educate the Jewish community regarding the natural environment through outdoor, wilderness, leadership and other activities; to foster the acquisition, development and exchange of this knowledge; and to promote ecologically sound and environmentally safe practices.

  • Enjoy outdoor experiences with other Jewish people
  • Participate in activities that you either couldn't or wouldn't do on your own
  • Enhance your leadership skills by volunteering to help organize activities
  • Find out how rewarding volunteering can be
  • Learn and exchange knowledge of the outdoors
  • Increase awareness of the natural environment
  • If you don't already, you will come to appreciate the land you are using on a recreational basis, and your desire to improve and protect our planet earth will grow as well.

Any Jewish Community members 21 years of age or older are eligible to join the Mosaic Outdoor Club. The Mosaic Outdoor Club is not a "singles" organization. Singles and Couples with or without children are welcome.

Non-members are welcome at any of our events, but are asked to pay an event fee to help defray the costs of organizing the event.

Contact Social we'll have someone personally welcome you to the event and introduce you around!

For Information, concerns, or questions, Click2Email OFFICE