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FAQ for Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston


Houston Texas Mosaic, Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ages of the club members?
All active people, regardless of their age are welcome to participate in club events. The approximate age range of members is 21 to 65 with welcome exceptions. Club members who frequently attend Mosaic events appear to be in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

Is Mosaic a "singles group"? No, Mosaic is not specifically a singles group, however, the singles that attend the events have great opportunities to meet other singles that also enjoy getting out and enjoying nature.  The number of married couples that attend the events has been rising recently due to the fact that the single members keep marrying each other.  To answer your next question, no, you don't have to bring your spouse if you are married.  The members tend to be very social and get to know the other attendees, but the focus is on the event, and not specifically on mingling.

Can I just show up to an event if I don't have a membership, I don't know anyone, have never tried that activity before and I'm not sure if I even want to join? Yes, contact Traci and we will arrange to have a friendly face greet you at the activity.

How many men and women show up at your activities?
There is no established male/female ratio requirement at Mosaic events. Activity attendance may be skewed one way or the other; some events draw equal numbers. Attend an activity with the attitude that you are looking forward to a day in the outdoors, to share with existing friends of both sexes; you will not be disappointed.

Questions About Membership
How many members turn out for a typical event?
The attendance at any single event is a function of many factors including activity, location of the event , the weather, expertise level, cost, day of the weekend and the whims of the membership. It is recommended that you attend all events that interest you.

How many members does the club have?
The Houston Chapter of Mosaic has approximately 80 members.

How long has the MOSAIC OUTDOOR CLUB of Houston, Texas been in existence?
Since Feb. 1997

What are the benefits of joining, in lieu of paying the $5 non-member fee for each event I attend?
The knowledge that you are supporting the continued existence of a Jewish outdoors club and the convenience of receiving a list of club activities via e-mail or in to your mailbox monthly. While our activities are listed on the web, the information is available in the newsletter. The club strives to offer at least one event each weekend; if you attend more than five club events in your membership year (many do), there is of course a financial advantage. You can also attend events and your non-member fees will be applied towards membership if you join within 30 days of attending your first Mosaic event. See the next item for more info.

How do I join?
You may download a membership application at
The membership application must be completed, signed and returned with your check payable to Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston. The club Membership chair and treasurer will process your application.

Is membership expensive? What does membership include?
No. Our annual membership of $25 for singles and $40 for a couple, a real value when viewed as the unique opportunity that we provide for Jewish singles and non-singles to interact while appreciating the Outdoors. Most Mosaic events are free to members except joint events with other organizations. Other organizations that cater for outdoor activities or to singles often have much higher membership and event fees. We send club information electronically (by e-mail) on a monthly and weekly basis. Future Postal mailings (Monthly) are sent to Members without an email address unless you notify us in writing. Dues provide you with a monthly newsletter / calendar including information on Local, Regional and National events and Entrance to the Mosaic Sponsored Events. Additionally many of our activities may include equipment or Other fees and there will usually be a discount for members. Most importantly they help with the administrative costs, such as mailings, legal, web presence, telephone expenses and membership in the National Mosaic Club Organization.

I'm a member, when does my membership expire?
Your membership expires as indicated by the month and year shown at:

Questions About Activities
I want to go on this hike, I don't know if the hike will be too easy or too hard. How can I find out?
Call the leader who will describe the skill level necessary for the event.

Can non-members come on hikes or activities?
Yes. Non-members are welcome as we are always interested in expanding our Club. Non-members may choose between a day fee, which is normally either $5 or $10, or joining the club at the activity. As mentioned earlier, non-members who join within 30 days of their first Mosaic event can credit their non-member fees paid towards membership.

When calling a Trip Leader about a hike,…
Please be considerate of our leaders who, like you are people with personal and business commitments outside of the Mosaic Club. Call early in the week if leaving a message and call only during the hours designated by the leader. Speak slowly and clearly, especially when leaving your phone number and don't forget the area code! (Also if your phone does not accept caller ID blocked phone calls, you may not receive return calls from leaders who use that feature.)

I live in the city and don't have a car. Do you arrange carpooling?
We do not provide transportation. However, trip leaders will try to match you up with someone who has a car and is willing to take riders, or else will try to arrange for some other pickup.

I want to lead an activity for the Mosaic Club. Who should I contact?
Please contact, the Club President for further information.


Our cancellation policy is the same as our vendors if we have chosen a vendor to help us arrange a trip.
If we have not chosen a vendor to help us arrange a trip.,
 Our normal policy from the date you notify us to the beginning of the event or trip is;
        *  60 days out from the trip there is a $30 cancellation fee + incurred expenses
        *  45 days out there is a 25 percent cancellation fee
        *  30 days out from the trip there is no refund
We can only refund under the above rules and only to the extent of funds available from your registration for the event. Signing up for an activity that you are not qualified to participate in or schedule conflicts that can not be resolved by you are not reasons for a refund.