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Contact Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston


Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston
PO Box 131193
Houston, TX 77219-1193


Officers and Chair Persons

Barry Laves Jewish HoustonPresident, Director of Operations, Barry Laves, Email Barry, 713-868-6310

Seth Waldman Jewish Outdoor HoustonVice President, Seth Waldman, Email Seth, 713-854-9425

Other Officer Positions Open to Volunteers: Secretary, Membership Director, Activities Director, Newsletter Committee, Leadership Coordination, Social Committee, Historian

Thanks to the Event Leaders and to all of the people that donated their time and energy to programming our events.
Because of you, there is a MOSAIC. Keep up the good work.

Each Officer or Chair is responsible for leading 2 activities per calendar year.

All positions need an alternate for times when an officer or chair is not available and to promote new officers in training to insure our future.

If you would like to become involved in any position, please submit your information as an alternate to Houston Officers so we may welcome you into our group and give you the necessary support, guidance and materials for performing your new role.