Canoe, Kayak and Tubing Weekend with Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston


A Canoe/ Kayak/ Tubing Weekend with the Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston 2003
Barry and Maya were the first to arrive at Shady Grove Camp Ground on Friday, July 18th.  Carolyn, Mark and Glen arrived around five with Seth, Nicole, Lou following soon after. After erecting tents we enjoyed a dip in the San Marcos River. Our Shabbat dinner included steak, salad and pasta and was followed by our unique custom of lighting Sabbath candles. Later we enjoyed Schmores and a stargazing hike around the campground. We schmoozed around the campfire till late and eventfully called it a night.

Jeff from Austin arrived Saturday morning with his own kayak.  We enjoyed yogurt, lox, and bagels for breakfast. We made sandwiches for lunch and headed for the river. Four hours later we had stories to tell about sunburn, capsizing canoes and kayaks, rapids, paddling lessons, rotating from kayaks to canoes or vice versa, lunch with tiny frogs and more. We returned to the campsite for some knife throwing, washer pitching and more schmoozing.  The fireside fajitas were wonderful!

These trips are about people so here are a few tributes to the wonderful individuals in this very cohesive group. These tributes are only highlights and certainly not all-inclusive.  Nicole- taught knife throwing, was song leader and pasta development specialist. Seth- Chef in a major way, grill expert,  Lou- julienne veggie expert, best washer tossing form,  Maya- chief julienne veggie expert, mess hall manager and most improved peddler, Jeff- Boating and safety instructor. Mark- most improved washer tosser, budding pyromaniac.  Glenn- hydrologist (water transport guru) and fuel gathering expert (wood schleper) Carolyn- julienne veggie expert, holistic healer, fuel gathering expert. Barry- Supreme Commander, planner, marinator and shopper, He made it all happen with his many (too numerous to count) gifts and talents.

We all stayed as busy as we wanted, had a very good time and none left hungry.