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All Past Events of Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston


Keith's account of ......

Sunday on the Range, April 30, 2000
Rachel Lesser and Keith Rosen led 11 Mosaic members and one guest, Amy Meyers, on a day of fun. We started 8:45 AM at the JCC, and carpooled to a multipurpose park. Once there, we played volleyball, visited a petting zoo, went horseback riding and swimming. The horses were strong and lively, and the pool was refreshing. Barry Laves and Melissa Kaplan herded in the horses. Scott Fishman enjoyed the leisurely ride. Keith did one huge belly flop, and Seth Waldman was a human cannonball. Melissa showed off her new pedicure, and Rachel, her new sunburn. David Levy had one of the best diving forms and was the only one who successfully dove and caught a football in midair at the same time. Bravo! Lynn Borker took pleasure throwing objects for prospective divers to catch. Later we drove to a hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Brookshire to eat together. Following that, we continued to the Katy Mills Mall and the Outdoor World sporting store, one of the largest in Texas. Larry Danziger walked away with a new outdoor wardrobe. Keith and Nancy Tipton enjoyed a dessert at the Rain Forest Cafe, a tropic theme restaurant. At about 3:45 PM, we went home, and all had a great day of activities and camaraderie. It was a well-spent day.

Gayle's account of ...1999 North Georgia National Event

Hi to all! My name is Gayle Luber and I am the Activities Director for 2000 of the Mosaic Outdoor Club of Houston. I have attended the last two Mosaic National Events in Estes Park, Colorado and North Georgia. I will be attending this year's National Event in Maine and encourage you to join me. Here is the email that I sent out to friends after returning from Georgia last year.

The Mosaic trip in Georgia was awesome! We stayed at Camp Barney Medintz close to Cleveland. The camp provided a home base for sleeping, eating and evening activities. Each day we had a choice of two different hikes outside of camp or staying in camp and doing various activities like mountain biking, canoeing or kayaking on the lake, tubing behind a jet ski, playing in the lake and experiencing the zip line or the "blob." The "blob" was so cool.
It is a big air balloon setting on the lake. You jump on the blob from a high platform, crawl to the end and let someone else jump on the blob to propel you off the end into the lake. Yes, it is as spirited as it sounds.

The hikes were spectacular. It is so beautiful in this part of the country -- rolling hills, trees of various types, streams, rivers, waterfalls (and plenty of poison ivy). It is so green in the backcountry. You can see the contours of the land and hear the streams trickling as you hike. I am in my element out there, for sure.

One day the group went rafting on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. I enjoyed the rafting, but I enjoy being closer to the water in a canoe or kayak. Plus, I feel much more in control of my own boat.

I enjoyed the mix of people this trip. I met some good people and reacquainted with friends from last year's trip. Attending my second annual Mosaic National Event was a lot like returning to summer camp as a teen
and seeing all of my camp friends from prior years. I am already looking forward to seeing everyone again next year.

A friend and I stayed an extra couple of days after the formal event ended. We ventured into North Carolina. Wow, more of the same beauty. The roads to get there were windy and scenic. We saw an incredible waterfall at the side of the road. We kayaked the Nantahala River one day. The river flowed with a substantial volume of water. We were constantly pounding through standing waves two feet high, at least. It was invigorating.

So, of course, now I want to move to Atlanta! You know, the grass is always greener. Next year the National Event will be in Maine. I can't wait!

Pam's account of ......

*The March 1999 Camping Retreat Weekend , at Mustang Island SP
*NASA 1999 "Houston, we have a problem"
*Brazos Bend Camping in January 1999

The Mosaic Sukkot 1999

Twas the night of Saturday, the 25th of September,
Mosaic was hosting a night to remember.
The sheets were hung across the top frame with care,
In hopes that good weather would remain with us there.

They brought salad and pasta and chicken galore,
There were people dining outside and in on the floor.
The lasagna was cheesy, the brisket divine
And everyone was having a fine Sukkot time.

We began at 630 with munchies and drinks,
We were up to about 35 people, I think.
Tabouli and humus with fresh pita bread
I heard someone say "Oh My, what a spread!"

When out in the yard there arose such commotion,
I ran from the sink with the dishwashing lotion.
Away to the door I flew in a flash,
Pulled open that door and made a quick dash.

What in the world was making such noise?
Not to my surprise, just my four-legged boys.
Hey Curly and Moses and Molly ..... you too!
Stay away from -----------, she’s allergic to you.

Everyone had driven from all across town
And as the evening drew near the crowd dwindled down.
I cleaned the last bowl and checked the gas stove,
Happy Sukkot to all .... and to all Lilah Tov!

Pam Kleiman

The March 1999 Camping Retreat Weekend ,
at Mustang Island SP
In lieu of the traditional camping review,
I've changed the words to a song from a popular musical!
I hope you enjoy it!
Please sing to the tune of "Raindrops on Roses"
from The Sound of Music.

Raindrops on tent sites and lighting with thunder.
Hiking and biking and singing till slumber.
Winds from the ocean that ripped through our dreams
These are a few of my camp memories.

Friends came from Austin, from Houston and Dallas.
Spaghetti and Meatballs and plenty of salad.
Cooking and cleaning and watching the seas,
These are a few of my camp memories.

Then the rains came......and the wind roared
and we ran from our camp.
I simply remember the fond memories.....
and forget about feeling so damp.

Bagels and cream cheese and delicious smoked salmon,
Fishing and Dolphins.....keeping dry was a challenge.
Wild winds that roared with the skies pouring rain,
These are a few of the memories to name.

Then the rains came.....and the wind roared
and we fled in the dark.
I simply remember the fond memories.....
of Mustang Island..........State Park.

Pam Kleiman

NASA 1999 "Houston, we have a problem"

These words will be a part of our history forever. Those of us that were lucky enough to be at NASA on the 28th of February were in for an incredible experience.

From the Space Suits to the Shuttle Simulator.....a Soviet Capsule to the vacuum chambers where the astronauts train, we explored several buildings of NASA that very few people ever get to see. The old Mission Control that everyone remembers from Apollo 13, with the rotary dials in the consoles......we were there. The new Mission Control, equipped with state of the art computers and high tech telecommunications......we were there. Yes, on the floor of Mission Control while the "other" tourists were 50 feet back behind a thick glass window. The men and women working that day were nice enough to invite us in and visit for a few minutes. They explained some of their responsibilities and pointed out different instruments and screens on their consoles.

We crawled through the Cargo Bay of the shuttle mock-up that is used for training. We saw where they sleep and work. We continued straight up a small ladder into the cockpit! What a thrill! Once again we watched the "other" us!

You missed out if you weren't there that day and if you were there, then you share my excitement and great memories from that beautiful Sunday in February. Just speak to anyone that went, to hear his or her impressions, because this brief synopsis only scratches the surface in describing what we experienced that day.
Maybe next time, you too can blast off with Mosaic!

Pam Kleiman

Brazos Bend Camping in January 1999?
Who would've thought that a nice Jewish girl from Brooklyn would've been freezing her touchas off, on a Friday night at Brazos Bend State Park! Certainly not anyone in my family!

It was January 15th, and had to be one of the coldest nights we've had this past winter. With the weather so cold, that meant no clouds and the sky was absolutely breathtaking! Of course we could actually see our breath, but stargazing was out of this world! The air was cold, the fire hot and four of us set up camp for the weekend. Barry was the first to arrive and had the campsite lit up with festive lights!

Barry, Bill, Melissa and myself unloaded our gear and settled in. We had dinner, sat by the fire, went for a night hike, met a wild Turkey named Lucy, toasted marshmallows, watched the sky and then turned in around 1am.

Rise and Shine! After breakfast the next morning, Jody and Soli joined us and we went on a 2-o hour hike. I was hoping to spot an alligator, but never saw one. This was my only disappointment that weekend. Sheldon joined us late afternoon and between bike rides, hikes, lunch and snoozing, we all had a great day.

That night the observatory was open and we were looking through the big telescopes as well as the homemade ones. (Which, by the way were just as good for seeing the stars) They had their telescopes set on Jupiter and Saturn. The colors of Saturn's Rings were so vivid! There is no excuse not to visit this observatory, only 30 minutes outside of Houston! On a clear night you can see forever.......and ever.

These are just a few of the highlights from my first Mosaic camping trip and I can tell you, it won't be my last. See you next time under the stars!

Pam Kleiman